ugly-cookies LLC logoHow it all got started:  Ugly Cookies were made through a glorious accident when one day Joyce decided to bake a batch of cookies.  She started mixing cookie dough when someone came to the house. Joyce covered the freshly mixed cookie dough and placed it in the refrigerator. The following day, Joyce decided to continue with baking cookies and took out the mixed batch of cookie dough and realized it had hardened overnight in the refrigerator. She thought she would put it in the microwave oven for a couple of seconds to soften it. Well, when she took it out of the microwave oven the cookie dough had melted to the point it looked like it was unusable.  Because Joyce didn’t want to waste the cookie dough, she began adding various ingredients, however it still didn’t look presentable, in short it had a very “Ugly” appearance.  She hand scooped the “ugly” mixture and placed it in the oven and baked it and tries one and liked it. She couldn’t believe that such an “Ugly” looking cookie dough could taste so amazing.


Ugly Cookies are also available at these fine stores:


Big Island:

Big Island Trading Company – Kamehameha Ave

 Lani’s Island Snack Shack – Manono Street Marketplace

KTA – Downtown

KTA – Pauinako

KTA – Waimea

Kona Chips – Captain Cook

KTA – Kona Coast Shopping Center

Costco – Kailua-Kona

KTA – Kailua-Kona



Longs Drugs – Manoa

Longs Drugs – Manana